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Renee My husband Len and I love hearing of a child's introduction to music. The Gallery of Stars link was established to share photos of children received from customers, with new images added periodically. We invite you to send a high resolution shot of your child playing a Schoenhut instrument. You will be notified if it is selected for posting. There are plans for expanding the Gallery to include "Schoenhut success stories" and YouTube clips of children. Photo, story, and video submissions may be sent to We look forward to seeing new "little Mozarts" in action.

Yours in the world of music,
Renee Trinca, President, Schoenhut Piano Company

Ernest is amazed with his new Schoenhut toy piano.   I am clapping along with the audience.   Rock star in training at 5 years old!
Not too large, not too small, this piano is just right.   Kendall intently explores the keyboard of her new baby grand.   Gray playing Heart & Soul on Christmas Day.
Schoenhut's 5-piece drum set attracted a lot of attention at Toy Fair 2013 in NYC.   Samantha performs on the baby grand piano she received for her 1st birthday. Mom's comments: "she loves it and is already a full-blown piano-singer ... even has the moves down.   Rory, age 22 months, is overjoyed with this gift of music from her Grandma.
Quina will never outgrow her Schoenhut Concert Grand.   Abby (10 months old) hasn't begun walking, yet sits comfortably at her Schoenhut baby grand.   "My new pink piano is just the right size and color for me!"
I am overjoyed with my Teddy Bear version of Schoenhut's Piano Pals.   Schoenhut's shiny, bright red baby grand caught the attention of a little visitor at the Shanghai Music Show.   The Amazing Leroy, having mastered Schoenhut's smaller toy pianos, is right 'in tune' with playing the large concert grand.
Aiden puts a lot of thought into which fingers to use on certain notes. With his father a music teacher, he is well on the path to creating beautiful music.   Stella will soon be just the right size for her new 37-key piano. In the meantime, she is totally comfortable with raising her hands to play.   Henry shows great enthusiasm performing on a Schoenhut drum set.
James is fascinated with his new shiny bright red piano.   Schoenhut's vintage piano still produces great music, especially with James at the keyboard.   Henry, son of a professional musician, is on the path to being a star in his own right.
Playing the piano is serious business to Aiden.   Pianist Hannah Reimann at the Schoenhut booth, Toy Fair 2012, with one of her students.   Hayden getting warmed up for an outstanding performance.
It is plain to see that Elice is overjoyed with her new Schoenhut baby grand.   Max, 2 years old, carefully listens to each note on the keyboard.   Nicolas, 4 years old, shows great enthusiasm for his new toy piano.
Isla is waiting for the applause to die down before beginning her next selection.   At her age, Sarah still enjoys playing her Schoenhut toy piano.   "Bedtime, after I strum one more tune."
Cash, nine months old, might need a little help sitting up, but he sure doesn't need any to play his baby grand.   Little hands in place, Branch is ready to play his own special kind of music.   Drake looks like a pro playing Schoenhut's Mini Guitar.
Mom says: "As you can see, Zo is very happy. Thank you for a great product."   Ellie's piano was a big hit at her first birthday party!   I don't think Leroy likes my singing along!
Whether indoors or outside, Ella enjoys playing her conveniently portable upright spinet.   Despite being a "macho man," Jackson has no reservations about playing his sister's pink Schoenhut baby grand.   I am so excited to get this Schoenhut piano on my second birthday. Now, to decide which song to play first!
Landen, delighted with his new Schoenhut guitar, is ready to rock n' roll.   Message from Mom: "Satie's 'My First Piano' was her very favorite Christmas gift!!"   Looking to see if her audience is ready to hear a great performance.
Generations of children have begun their paths to music by playing Schoenhut toy pianos.   Schoenhut's tunable drum is a big hit with Megan.   A happy dilemma, figuring out which little piano to play first!
Gavin celebrated his first birthday with music.   Singing to the music makes it double the pleasure.   Schoenhut toy pianos have stood the test of time ... since 1872
No matter how the bench is positioned, Benny's music sounds great!!   Shanghai Music Trade Show   Hannah carefully checks out her new spinet upright
Taylor's introduction to "My First Piano"   Leroy starred as a toy piano player on the David Letterman Show. Any requests from the audience?   A little timid but getting the hang of it
Max checks out My First Piano from all angles   At Santa's Enchanted Forest in Miami, even Dondi the elephant loves playing "My First Piano"   Erin's pink Fancy Baby Grand piano was a hit at her 5th birthday party
Zoes Mom was quick to tell us that her daughter is a big fan of Schoenhut.   A father teaches his daughter to play on a Schoenhut (1944)   Studying the Song Book before playing the Concert Grand
No one could resist the Day Care Durable on display at the Shanghai Music Show   Pianos are not our only specialty. Here Megan plays her very own Schoenhut harp   Stars of all ages tried out our 49-key stringed piano at the NAMM Show
Everyone big and small loves the Schoenhut Elite Baby Grand   There is a big audience on hand for Samantha's performance on her Schoenhut Upright   Schoenhut pianos not only make lovely music, they provide great photo opportunities as well
Mommy and Son at the Shanghai Trade Show.   Never too young to be a rock star   Playing Schoenhut's 44-key Baby Grand at the NAMM Trade Show in CA.