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Schoenhut and The Magic Fluke

From left to right: Phyllis and Dale Webb, The Magic Fluke Company owners, with Renee and Len Trinca, of Schoenhut Piano Company
A licensing agreement between two manufacturers of the distinguished Flea Ukulele converts a high quality, professional grade instrument to Schoenhut’s toy instrument product line, available at hundreds of toy retailers worldwide.

In November 2012, the Flea Ukulele trademarked by The Magic Fluke Co. was integrated into the array of toy instruments offered by Schoenhut Piano Company. Translating the instrument to the toy market required modification of materials to ensure compliance with the strict consumer safety standards of the USA, Europe, and Canada. For this reason, the 5400 model, sold by Schoenhut Piano Company, is made with a molded composite body instead of the Magic Fluke Company’s original design using acoustically optimized fiberglass material. Competition between the two companies is moot due to the variance in price points and intended market for the products offered by each manufacturer.

“[The Schoenhut 5400 is] durable and affordable enough for the toy market yet have surprisingly good tone and playability for this price point.” - Dale Webb, Founder of The Magic Fluke Co.

Since their debut in January 1999 at The National Association of Music Merchants annual trade show in LA, The Magic Fluke Company has become one of the most prestigious manufacturers of American-made violins, ukuleles, and banjos. The Magic Fluke Flea has been produced in the USA since 2002, and will continue to be produced stateside as a high quality professional instrument. Schoenhut Piano Company, established in 1872, is famous for classic wooden toy pianos and other musical instruments manufactured overseas to Schoenhut specifications. The company focuses on providing products of exceptional quality, a popular choice of professional musicians who perform with them in concerts throughout the world.